Tricky Words in Robin Class

Today every Robin has taken home a ‘Tricky Word Reading and Spelling at Home’ booklet (see link above). They are all really keen to show these booklets to you and complete the colouring on front. We will be working on these words in class so it will be a huge help to your child if you support them at home. You will find lots of fun suggestions of how to do this on the front of the booklet. At the moment we plan to give new words every Wednesday and on this day would love to share and celebrate learning at home – by this I mean house points and Wednesday is scratch card day! So please do use the lines given to practise and show us what you have done together.

As always if you have any questions please ask.

Good luck and thank you for your support! 🙂

Welcome to Robin Class

Please note this letter is loosely based on the letter we sent home at the start of term but there are a few changes.

Here are a few notes that will help you and your child settle in to Robin Class.  Please always come and chat if you have any questions or comments.


Keep an eye on Twitter (@wps_blue) and the blog as they will keep you updated with day to day messages.  Please feel free to use twitter to share your child’s experiences at home but urgent or personal messages must be communicated using reading diaries or emailing/phoning the office directly on / 01761 413131.

Reading Books

Children need to really fully decodable texts at their phonics level until they can read fluently. This means that they can sound out all of the words using their knowledge of phonic sound knowledge. The books may also include common exception (tricky words) that they can read on sight. Typically, they will need to continue reading fully decodable books until sometime in Year 2 or possibly later for some children. 

Our books are organised according to the phonics that we teach in reception, Y1 and Y2. We will soon be assessing your child to establish the appropriate book stage. This should mean that your child can read 90-95% of the text using their existing knowledge of phonics and common exception words. 

Your child will bring home one book a week which they should read 3 times (or more). On the first read they will mainly be decoding, the second they will begin to develop their understanding of meaning (comprehension) and on the third read they should ideally be reading fluently. This will really enable your child to develop their fluency and comprehension and should make reading much more enjoyable. It may feel a bit ‘too easy’ but these are important skills and your child will ultimately have greater success at reading. The time that they read with you will be a celebration of reading rather than laborious decoding. As well as a reading book, your child will bring home a library book of their choice each week that will not necessarily be matched to their reading level. You and your child can read and enjoy the library book together. 

When your child has read at home please date and sign their reading record.  We will then move them around our reading race track – this is a daily celebration event.  The children enjoy this challenge and when they have completed the track (about 25 reads) they receive a certificate and magic moment. It will be great if we can work together to promote reading regularly as this is an extremely important part of their early learning.


Weekly spellings/key word reading will be sent home in the next few weeks.  These will be closely linked to the words which we are learning at school that week.  Please work together on this at home.  More info to follow soon.


Mrs Stevens will be teaching Monday and Tuesday all day and Wednesday mornings. Mrs Mattingley Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Cockerill and Mrs Moon (MissTracey) are our class TAs.

On Wednesday afternoons Mrs Green (HLTA), and the sports coach from Up and Under Sports will be teaching the class.  We will liaise closely with them.


Full named kit that fits must be worn to school on PE days – Wednesday and Friday. Kit is a white t-shirt, dark shorts, dark tracksuit bottoms, school jumper (no logos) and daps/trainers. You may also find it useful to put a spare pair of socks and pants in their PE bag just in case they are needed.

If your child takes part in a PE club on a day which is not their PE day, please can they wear their school uniform and bring PE kit to change into.

Snacks and drinks

We will continue to provide your child with a government funded item of fruit or vegetable. Please also bring a second snack of fruit (including dried fruit) or vegetables only.  This should be brought in a named container or labelled clearly. No school bars/smoothies/yoghurts/nuts for snacks please. Water needs to be brought in fresh every day in a named bottle.


Please keep counting (forwards and backwards), adding/subtracting and generally making the most of opportunities to talk about shape and number at home. Practicing reading o’ clock and half past times will help your child in year 1.


If you are interested in volunteering to work in our class please come and chat to one of the team.   Parent helpers have a huge positive impact on the class. Also, if you are available to help with trips or local walks let us know so that we know who to ask.

House points

Children at Welton can earn house points for following our school rules:  Be Safe, Be Kind and Be The Best You Can.  We will use a range of incentives including prize box, scratch cards and extra OPAL time to encourage the earning of house points.

Golden Time

Every Friday as a reward for earning marbles in the jar, the children may bring in a small toy to play with during Golden Time.  The toy should be named and not anything of significant monetary or personal value.  No electronic toys please.

Please come and see us if you have any questions so that we can answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support. The children appear to be settling in really well and we are looking forward to helping them take their next steps in learning.

The Robin Class Team

Welcome to our blog…

Hello Robin families,

It has been a real pleasure to get to know your children over the past few weeks and also meet many of you as you drop off and collect your children. This blog is a chance to celebrate what happens in Robin Class as well as share important information that you may need to support your child. We hope that it is useful to you. Please watch this space and follow us on Twitter handle @wps_blue.